I'm a Research Scientist at Compute Technology Lab, Alibaba DAMO Academy, Sunnyvale, since 2019/06.

Postdoc (2018-2019) and PhD (2014-2018) from UCSB under the supervision of Dr. Yuan Xie. M.S./B.S. from Tsinghua University.

I am a computer architect working on memory system and domain-specific hardware. At DAMO Academy, I worked on large scale distributed GNN acceleration (cheif architect, FPGA prototype on ISCA 2022), and 3D hybrid bonding near-data computing in datacenter (ISSCC 2022, 2nd author).

Previously at UCSB, I worked on NVM and in-memory computing (PRIME, Pinatubo paper, 1000+ citations). Please check my google scholar.

Check our work at Alibaba on ISSCC-2022 and ISCA-2022!